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From our office of interior design and decoration we offer a wide range of services related to interior design, integral and partial reforms, as well as renders 3D and complete services in graphic design and corporate image.

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Basic Project and execution Project

First of all, we make a detailed analysis of your space (Be a shop, house , office, hotel or a restaurant). After that, we measure and analyze the potential of the space and then, we made a comprehensive planimetry which reflects the aspirations of the client as well as functional and esthetic criteria.


Integral and partial reform Projects

For residential, offices, comercial spaces and so on…

We offer professional solutions in all our partial or integral reform projects leading your project from a planning and creative point of view till drawings, budget and project management in order to achieve the space the client has dreamed with.

3D Infography

We offer and develope with a high realism, renders 3D in order to visualize any kind of space before this will be built. Starting from a 2D planimetry, we design carefully each of our projects so that from the first moment our clients get a detailed overview of the future project maximizing a good designed project and minimizing improvisation.

Graphic Design

We develope corporate image for enterprises and for any other kind of projects as well. Graphic design is a way through which the enterprises can innovate and transform its business model.

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