About us

Open Gate Architecture & Design offers a complete service in interior design and decoration for residential projects as well as restaurants, hotels and shops from design concept till the execution of the entire project. Directed by Marcelo García, Open Gate is a design office located in Madrid and London with an excellent reputation, being well known due to its organization, care in details and creativity in all of the projects we are involved to.

We work with the main concepts of interior design: Decoration and Interior Design itself. Decoration explores client´s personality and Interiorism takes care of the physical spaces, in order to create well-being and pleasant sensations, and thus turn them into unique spatial experiences. These two concepts make a difference between a bad designed or decorated place to a special one.

We truly believe that good quality design is life enhancing and deliver it in every project we undertake.



Basic Project and execution Project

First of all, we make a detailed analysis of your space (Be a shop, house , office, hotel or a restaurant). After that, we measure and analyze the potential of the space and then, we made a comprehensive planimetry which reflects the aspirations of the client as well as functional and esthetic criteria.


Integral and partial reform Projects

For residential, offices, comercial spaces and so on…

We offer professional solutions in all our partial or integral reform projects leading your project from a planning and creative point of view till drawings, budget and project management in order to achieve the space the client has dreamed with.

3D Infography

We offer and develope with a high realism, renders 3D in order to visualize any kind of space before this will be built. Starting from a 2D planimetry, we design carefully each of our projects so that from the first moment our clients get a detailed overview of the future project maximizing a good designed project and minimizing improvisation.

Graphic Design

We develope corporate image for enterprises and for any other kind of projects as well. Graphic design is a way through which the enterprises can innovate and transform its business model.

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Residential projects

Innovative and modern interior design from the conceptualization, through project manangment till the final execution. Maybe you want some ideas, a new furniture´s distribution or an assessment related to the Finishes of your house like floors or walls. Whatever your needs are, we adapt our design methodology to your desires and needs.

Offices and ephemeral spaces

We offer our interior design experience for your business, office or another space you need to design or decorate so that you can obtain a unique and personal space.

Shops and restaurants

Experts in developing interior design projects and decoration for every kind of shop, leisure spaces and restaurants, we use high quality materials taking into account the needs and criteria of our clients. This achievement assures an envolving and unique experience for your clients.

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Restaurante Plaza MayorMadrid
Restaurante Los PorchesMadrid
Restaurante La TertuliaMadrid
Restaurante La DehesaMadrid
Restaurante Japones TokidokiMadrid
Restaurante Gran WokManacor-Mallorca
Restaurante El SenadorMadrid
Restaurante El DoblaoTorrelodones - Madrid
Restaurante Costa CaféPuerto Banús - Málaga
Restaurante ChikyMadrid
Pub MulliganLas Rozas - Madrid
Marisquería Sabor de MarMadrid
Restaurante san bernardoGran via - Madrid
Bar Restaurante GambrinusPuerto Banús - Málaga
Discoteca ViñaLeganés - Madrid
Discoteca MorasolMadrid
Discoteca Morasol CostaCampello - Alicante
Discoteca ButMadrid
Discoteca FebosAvilés - Oviedo
Discoteca Big-BenAvilés - Oviedo
Discoteca QuikMadrid
Disco Bar Amor de MadreMadrid
Disco Bar RoccosGalapagar - Madrid
Discoteca GitanillosMadrid
Discoteca CacheMadrid
Discoteca VeladaMadrid
Discoteca IdealLeganés - Madrid
Discoteca LobosLeganés - Madrid
Discoteca BabelsLeganés - Madrid
Discoteca MarmeyLeganés
Restaurante El DeseoMadrid
Restaurante A de AlbaMadrid
Restaurante Gambas y másValdemoro - Madrid
Restaurante Perón 32Madrid
Ristorante PumarolaPozuelo - Madrid
Ristorante TarantelaMadrid
Ristorante A'CantinellaMadrid
Ristorante A'CantinellaEl Ejido - Almería
Pub VarsoviaGijón
Restaurante A'xabegaMadrid
Restaurante Las Vegas del RocíoBoadilla del Monte - Madrid
Café de PalomaresLeganés
Restaurante El CondadoSegovia
Locales ComercialesCiudad
Kapy IvarteToda España
Agatha ParísToda España
Fumarel RopaToda España
Tous - C.C.Marina BanusMarbella - Málaga
Boutique Iro & HeMadrid
Aljaraque RegalosLas Rozas - Madrid
Conceptos de BellezaGetafe - Madrid
Dos cositasLeganés
Zapatería MarmelMajadahonda - Madrid
Pastelería EdelweisMadrid
Aljaraque RegalosMadrid
Dagger Family ShopMadrid
Mail BoxGetafe - Madrid
SilverfieldMadrid, Oporto y Marbella
Joyería AnferLeganés - Madrid
Tienda Adidas - Real MadridMadrid- Centro Comercial esq. Bernabeu.
Spa TermaliaSegovia

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What differenciate us

In OPEN GATE we are looking always for unique differential details and design elements so that our clients can have always the best project for an unbeatable price. Our final objective is to achieve  client´s trust, because for us, human values are the key of our successful in the brand.

A new concept

In the last years, the evolution in interior design trends and decoration has been incredible due to innovations in forms and materials, as well as the quantity and diversity of different available styles. Because of our permanent compromise by learning and applying the latest trends and tendencies, our Office is prepared for making reality any idea or proposal.

Quality policy

We strongly consider quality as a core of our philosophy applying this inside and outside of our Office. Through this, we assure a sustainable business and at the same time, we remain as a referent in the market.